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Project manager - engineer


Núm. Oferta:





Brussels, Bélgica




€1,111.00 Mensual





Código Postal:



Tiempo Completo




Ingeniería: Ingeniero Civil, Ingeniero Eléctrico - Electrónico, Ingeniero en Energia Nuclear, Ingeniero Medio Ambiente y Geología, Ingeniero Industrial - Manufactura, Ingeniero Mecánico


Position Title:   Assignment of 4 Belgian  company months for a specialized in cooling tower/systems 
Reports To (Position Title):Abbreviation: 
VP OperationsPM 
Number of Direct Reports:Total Number of Reports:Location: 
00Belgium + project in Mexico 
Business Unit:Functional Reporting line (Position Title): 
Cost Allocation:Department: 
 Project Management 
Position Summary: 
The Project Manager will be in charge of the complete management of a project, from the moment of final negotiations with customer, and will undertake, according to the contract, all necessary actions in coordination with the technical, financial and purchasing departments.
The PM is the key -and accountable- stakeholder of the project. He/She is involved until the warranty period expiration. He/She plays a major role by coordinating all resources allocated to the project.
To accomplish this mission, the Project Manager shall meticulously follow the company procedures.
Principal Accountabilities:
1. Contract Management
Ø  Checks with the Sales Manager that all contractual documents are known and consistent with the commitments negotiated.
Ø  Functions as customer’s primary contact from contract signing to construction completion, including obtaining the customer’s acceptance of the installation.
Ø  Maintains a policy of clear and open communication with the customer.
Ø  Examines all contract documents and acquires a thorough knowledge of all its technical and administrative aspects and defines in detail the scope of supply, goals and deliverables.
Ø  In cooperation with the project team he analyses all contractual documents and detects all specifications and requirements that deviate from BU’s standard procedures and specifications and assesses their impact on the project execution.
Ø  Ensures that parties comply with contract terms.
Ø  Proactively manages changes in project scope and conditions and negotiates change orders in a timely manner so as not to impact the contract schedule or cost.
Ø  Determines appropriate revenue recognition, ensures timely and accurate invoicing. Follows up with the customer, when necessary, regarding unpaid invoices.
Ø  Minimizes BU’s exposure and risk on project.
Address Client’s claims in cooperation with BU’s Management and the legal department.
2. Plan and Monitor the Contract Execution
Ø  Develop full scale project plans in line with customer’s contractual requirements, identify and manage project dependencies and critical path.
Ø  Analyze and consolidate the implementation schedules which are provided by the Engineering department, suppliers and subcontractors while integrating the quality control plan constraints.
Ø  Plan and schedule project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools.
Ø  Identify causes of potential delays and develop, evaluate and initiate optional courses of action. Monitor implementation of changes and their effect on the schedule and costs.
Ø  Keep the project team well informed of changes.
Ø  Track project milestones and deliverables and revise plans as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
Ø  Determine and assess the need for additional staff and/or consultants in collaboration with the heads of department and BU’s management.
Ø  Resolve and/or escalate issues in a timely way.
Ø  Plan and hold regular status meetings with the project team and subcontractors to measure work progress, detect changes in the critical path, define solutions to problems and define priorities.
Ø  Set the minutes of status meetings expressing the findings, priorities and actions decided during them.
Ø  Effectively communicates relevant project information to BU’s Management in a timely way. Develop and deliver a monthly progress report.
3. Contract Cost Management
Ø  Analyze the project cost estimation with the sales manager to highlight potential problems that could affect the contract expected profitability before the work begins.
Ø  Set the contract budget allowing an accurate cost forecast and monitoring by using the management tools in place in the BU.
Ø  Monitor project performance and investigate changes in the estimated final costs in order to initiate action to maximize project profitability.
Ø  Analyze project profitability, revenue, margins, bill rates and cash-flow.
Ø  Provide a monthly progress reports to BU’s Management.
4. Project Team Management
Ø  Motivate the project team members to work together in the most efficient way.
Ø  Keep track of lessons learned and share those lessons with the project team members.
Ø  Mitigate team conflict and communication problems.
5. Quality Management
Ø  Effectively ensure the implementation of internal quality assurance procedures.
Ø  Define the project’s objectives, approve the project quality control plan and oversee the quality control throughout project life cycle.
Ø  Organize corrective actions and feedback within the BU by establishing NCRs and plan the project closure meeting.
6. Procurement
Ø  Define the purchasing strategy with the procurement department.
Ø  Make a list of suppliers to consult in collaboration with the project team and procurement department.
Ø  Define the specific purchase conditions and administrative procedures to be applied to the project.
Ø  Define the scope of supply and warranties and prepare purchase requisitions for all equipment and services.
Ø  Approve the selected suppliers and participate in the purchase negotiations.
Ø  Approve purchase orders terms and conditions to be presented to the BU’s Management signature.
Ø  Ensure that suppliers manufacturing schedule and quality is monitored and in line with the project goals.
7. Document Management
Ø  Approves documents prepared by the project team before passing them to the customer and suppliers.
Ø  Set the distribution list for documents prepared by the project team.
Ø  Ensures the correct referencing of documents, documents revisions and transmittals.
Ø  Ensures that the project documents are complete, current and stored appropriately according to BU’s procedures.
8. Construction Site Management
Ø  Organize the construction site installation and logistic and set site administrative procedures.
Ø  Set the Security and Health plan according to local legislation and BU’s standards and ensure the enforcement of safety procedures by all construction teams.
Ø  Ensure the enforcement of BU’s environmental policy.
Ø  Ensure proper equipment storage on site.
Ø  Manage overall site costs and prorate accounts. 


Technical Skills:
-       Multidisciplinary expertise (electro-mechanical, mechanical, process engineering, thermal..)
-       Knowledge of contract laws;
-       Knowledge in accounting and finance
-       Knowledge of  techniques, products and industrial cooling systems/towers
-       Use of Microsoft Office software and Planning Software
-       Fluent in Spanish and English any additional language.
 Minimum Requirements
-       Civil or Industrial Engineer,
-       Minimum 10 years’ experience in an international company, active in the design and sales of industrial equipment, in the power and/or heavy industries,
-       Experience in European countries is an asset,
-       Available for regular international business trips,
-       Good presentation,
-       Excellent communication skills, in writing and able to speak in public,
-       Relationship network building,
-       Result and client oriented,
-       Excellent organization skills,
-       Ability to anticipate the problems
-       Integer and a good team leader.
Enginium People & Projects
Mechelse steenweg 531
Herent, VB, Bélgica

Teléfono: +32 16 65 73 22
Dirección página Web: www.enginiumgroup.com

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