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Project Manager (piping installations)


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Brussels, Bélgica




$1.00 Mensual





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Ingeniería: Ingeniero Mecánico


Our client is an international engineering company with a subsidiary located in Brussels. For them we're looking for a project manager. They 're specialized in installing in the chemical and agro industry tanks, pomps and piping installations for e.g. the installation of an ammonia circuit. The services they offer may involve both the establishment of a whole project or part of a project. Their customers can be public or private. Their activities comprise services construction engineering, procurement and management projects in the fields of energy, chemistry and including fertilizers, biochemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, manufacturing, oil & gas, construction & infrastructure and the environment.
The company language is English. The knowledge of Dutch and/or French is a nice to have.
They would like to reinforce their team on a long term. Or you can apply for a single assignment.
Please find in the attachment the description of the function:

1. New tower for the process of biological desulphurisation for a high performance biomasse installation on the island 'la Réunion' (Indiën Ocean). The project will start next week till end of June 2016. You will be located on the Island.

2. Extension of installation for the electrolysis of Chlorine. Modification of the process and équipment. The plant is in Antwerp. You will be located in Brussels or between Antwerp and Brussels.
Project Manager:
The Project Manager creates and maintains an attitude of leadership towards the project team with respect to overall management activities (including quality assurance, engineering, procurement, planning and controls, construction management, pre-commissioning, and safety) to achieve a quality project, while respecting the established budget and schedule objectives.
Main Responsabilities
·       To ensure that the contractual obligations towards the Client are carried out in accordance with the terms of the services contract
·       To ensure that the project objectives of quality, cost and time are clearly defined, communicated and met
·       To ensure that the company achieves its budgeted profit in carrying out the project, all the time meeting the Client objectives for the successful execution of the project
·       To manage claims and scope changes
·       To prepare the Project Instructions Manual, describing the procedures for the management and the execution of the project
·       To prepare an organization chart for the project
·       To establish the manpower planning for the project team and corresponding services budget
·       To direct the preparation of or personnaly prepare the project master schedule, establishing the critical milestones and the relationship between the major activities
·       To organize and direct the management and co-ordination meetings in accordance with a pre-established plan and to produce action oriented minutes of meetings punctually
·       To report monthly on the project status with respect to the established objectives, and to recommend solutions to any problems that might be encountered
·       To report promptly to the Client Project Manager on any incident which could have an adverse effect on the execution of the project and to propose corrective measures as required.
·       To manage the progress of the work (engineering, procurement, planning and controls, construction and pre-commissioning) by delegating authority and responsibilities to his direct subordinates
·       To ensure that the quality assurance procedures and program are prepared in the initial phase of the project and that the audits are carried out in accordance with the established QA program
·       To ensure that the standards, criteria and procedures for quality control are established, communicated and followed by each discipline (engineering, procurement, planning and controls, construction and pre-commissioning)
·       To participate in the analyses and evaluations of solutions to technical problems, as well as in the technical and commercial evaluations of bids leading to contract award for purchase orders and construction contracts required for the execution of the project and to submit, jointly with project team members, the recommendations to the Client
·       To regularly visit the construction site and the fabricating shops where major equipment is being fabricated in order to communicate the supporting interest of the project management team in the quality and timely execution of the work
·       To ensure in collaboration with the Construction Manager that Safety program is prepared, reviewed and accepted in the early weeks of the project in order to establish a climate favouring productivity and safety at the site
·       To establish and maintain objective communications and relations with the members of the Client teams in order to ensure mutual satisfaction in the execution of the project   
·       To ensure that the relations with Clients, public authorities and professional associations conform with the laws and codes of ethics
·       To establish and maintain a climate favourable to the application of ethical and professional practices in the choice of bidders and in the evaluation of bids from suppliers and contractors for the construction of the project.


Minimum 7 year of experience.
Having an engineering degree
Enginium People & Projects
Mechelse steenweg 531
Herent, VB, Bélgica

Teléfono: +32 16 65 73 22
Dirección página Web: www.enginiumgroup.com

Perfil de Empresa