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Designer (e.g. piping installations)


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Brussels, Bélgica




$1.00 Mensual





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Ingeniería: Ingeniero Industrial - Manufactura, Ingeniero Mecánico


Our client is an international engineering company with a subsidiary located in Brussels- Belgium. For them we're looking for a  designer. They 're specialized in installing in the chemical and agro industry tanks, pomps and piping installations for e.g. the installation of an ammonia circuit. The services they offer may involve both the establishment of a whole project or part of a project. Their customers can be public or private (national and international). Their activities comprise services construction engineering, procurement and management projects in the fields of energy, chemistry and including fertilizers, biochemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, manufacturing, oil & gas, construction & infrastructure and the environment.
The company language is English. The knowledge of Dutch and/or French is a nice to have.
They would like to reinforce their team on a long term or you can appeal for a single assignment.
Please find in the attachment the description of the function:
1. New tower for the process of biological desulphurisation for a high performance biomasse installation on the island 'la Réunion'. The project will start next week till end of June 2016.
2. Extension of installation for the electrolysis of Chlorine. Modification of the process and équipment. The plant is in Antwerp.
The rôle of a designer:
Develop, execute and implement projects and studies or parts of such systems;
Leading teams to develop the plans and models; 
Optionally performs all or part of the technical documentation of the study; 
Research and use any documentation permitting to justify the technical solutions you would like to implement;
Provides in projects or parts of projects where the coordination between the various disciplines to ensure complementarity of the assembly and prevent interference.
• Design and implement using CAD or DAO systems, assemblies, subassemblies described in the specifications;
• Develop schematics or of general arrangement plan (pin-up) by following the instructions;
• Conduct design studies and preliminary design in their particular area (s);
• Propose technical solutions and participate in costings;
• Establish and update the list of documents to be delivered (deliverables);
• Participate in technical meetings with the client;
• Manage the exchange of information with other disciplines;
• Follow the instructions of the group and those applicable at customer sites;
• Take a few minutes to analyze the surrounding risks before each intervention.
• Study and implement site plans of equipment and piping, with your attention for optimization of economic and ergonomic aspects;
• Perform plans necessary for civil engineering design;
• Conduct specifications for special parts or pipe devices;
• Study supports are used for to minimize effects due to thermal expansion of the pipes;
• Check plans for sales and manages the exchange of information with sales;
• Participate in field surveys and/or the collection of data;
• Organize and supervise an internal team and / or external designers and / or designers based on the experience in the position;
• Provide mentoring trainees or apprentices;
• Achieve and maintain, depending on the progress of studies, bills of quantities for the purchase of equipment (pipes, accessories ...);
• Write a note or a technical report.


You have at least five years of experience.
Good knowledge of English
Enginium will help you for the housing but you will have a local (Belgium) contract.
Enginium People & Projects
Mechelse steenweg 531
Herent, VB, Bélgica

Teléfono: +32 16 65 73 22
Dirección página Web: www.enginiumgroup.com

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